LED technology has absolutely changed the way of thinking about light and lighting. To help you to make the right choice and choose the best solution for light up your spaces, we will provide you some simple elements
to identify LED quality and performances.
The most important features that gives you the chance to identify a good quality light are:

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The best LED solutions give you an excellent luminous efficiency match (lumen/watt).
What does it mean?
High luminous efficiency (≥100 lumen/Watt) means both money saving and great output lumen.
This is the most important guideline that will help you to check how much money and energy you can save when you choose that lighting solution.
DOMAGIC offers to the customers a selection of high efficiency items with more than 100 lumen x Watt.


Good quality LED lights have good performances
and very long lifespan.
Lifespan is the second most important guideline you must consider to calculate your saving. Moreover, a longer lifespan means both energy savings and less maintenance costs.
DOMAGIC warranty gives you the opportunity to make a good long term deal for your life with the guarantee of our verified excellence.



Good quality LED lights ensure you save money and get a good quality brightness. You can choose among lots of different color temperatures from the hottest to the coolest
along the Kelvin scale (K).
We suggest: from 2500K to 2700K (the hottest temperatures) for houses or comfortable atmosphere, from 4000K to 6000K (the coolest temperatures) for working places when you need much more light, but don’t need eye strain.
The best Companies provide free expert advice and lighting projects to help their customers to choose the best color temperature they need.
We will be very glad to meet you, please contact us if you want to have free suggestions and expert advices. DOMAGIC consultants will achieve for you a free lighting project.


Color Rendering Index (CRI) is another important guideline to appreciate better a LED light.
Good quality LED lights give you high performance and high CRI as well as halogen lamps, but with unbeatable cost savings. This is an essential parameter to be consider for big projects when light color and quality are absolutely essential. DOMAGIC offers you lots of items from CRI>90 up to our patented Ultracolor Technology with CRI>98.


Another important element is the beam angle in order to arrange a very customized lighting project with a LED light that can light up all your places with a very large beam angle. You can choose among lots of beam degrees from the wider to the narrower, it’s up to you...
For example, if you need a larger beam angle you can take advantage of our LED Bulb StereoteQ+ 8W.


Some advanced technology companies decided to support their customers making very new items designed to avoid eye strain due to prolonged lighting exposition. To meet the customers’ needs DOMAGIC developed LED Panel with Eye Feeling, a patented technology that means shaded lens to guarantee UGR<19 suitable for offices, doctor’s offices, hospitals and every time you don’t need to tire and stress your eye.
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