RGB recessed LED downlight – Slim Panel 20W

The thinnest & funniest downlight you have ever seen! Try it, enjoy it!

Size mm ∅ 240×12 (foro: ∅ 220)
LED W 20
Beam angle 120
CRI >80
Dimmable Yes
Warranty 3 years
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RGB recessed LED downlight – Slim Panel 20W

Slim Panel is the RGB recessed LED spotlight perfect for general lighting, both commercial and residential. These LED spotlights are designed to be adapt to any type of countertop with only 12mm thickness.

The aluminum body guarantees a perfect heat dissipation and extraordinarily extends the life of the lamp. This slim panel has a level of protection equal to IP20.

The product can be managed by the appropriate RGB radio frequency controller through which it is possible to carry out the following remote operations:

  1. switch the connected spotlight (s) on and off;
  2. produce all the desired color combinations;
  3. set the preset light programs or the ones saved manually;
  4. adjust the luminous flux.

The RGB LED Controller can also remember the last color set even if the grid voltage is interrupted. Each RGB LED Controller can support up to 10 Slim Panels 20W.

Long lifespan

Slim Panel also stands out for its extreme reliability. This RGB LED spotlight has a service life of over 40,000 hours. This means that you can really enjoy the right light for a really long time without thinking about maintenance or replacement.

Technical features:

  • Supply voltage: 12V DC
  • Aluminum body
  • Anti-glare satin optics
  • Super-thin design (thickness of only 12mm)
  • No need maintenance
  • LED spotlight equipped with high performance SMD technology for perfect uniformity of the light beam
  • Without UV and infrared rays
  • Suitable for intensive use
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