Profilo – On Board dimmable LED Track 35W

Size mm ∅ 115x165x215
LED W 35
Beam angle 15
CCT 3000K (Warm white)
CRI >92
Dimmable Yes (on board 1-10V)
Warranty 3 years
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Profilo: design and versatile on board dimmable LED Track Light 35W

Profilo is an advanced lighting system designed to meet the different needs of the business sector. These devices are equipped with a three-phase electrified connection, articulated base, and they are supported by the latest generation LED technology. The Chip On Board LED and its reflector have been designed to create an extremely homogeneous and high-quality light beam that enhances every product you offer for sale. Track is the perfect spotlight for shopping area applications where chromatic fidelity is an essential requirement (windows, stores, showrooms, malls, supermarkets, etc).

On board 1-10V dimmable

Profilo has an on board 1-10V dimmer that allow you to adjust the luminous intensity simply by rotating the wheel positioned on the power supply housing. No special connections are required. Moreover you can set the desired luminous intensity for each product independently.

UltraCOLOR Technology: color fidelity >92


Profilo is equipped with LED Chip that can faithfully render colors. UltraCOLOR technology provides a CRI>92 and is designed for light projects where it is very important reproducing real colors. The quality light source also ensures the stability of the light color over the time, avoiding changes. It is thus possible to avoid the fading of the warm tones or degradations of the neutral white temperatures.

Order word: quality and customization

This spotlight is customizable in the light distribution feature: you can choose from 5 different beam angles: 15°, 20°, 30°, 36° and 45°. In this way you can choose the light effect by the type of application, the distance of the illuminating surface, and the type of effect you want to obtain.

No emissions of UV and IR radiations

This spotlight can stage any object. Its light, without harmful UV and IR rays, does not heat up or degrade and is perfect for lighting objects that are sensitive to heat and radiation such as: foods, organic compounds, plants, paintings, frescoes etc.

Technical data:

  • Input voltage: 220-240V AC
  • Three-phase track with on 1-10V board dimmer
  • No need maintenance
  • Pure aluminium body
  • No UV and IR radiation
  • Suitable for intensive use
  • AirLED technology – wonderful heat dissipation for high performances over the time
  • UtraCOLOR tecnology – professional color rendering (CRI>92)
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