LED Webinar

LED Webinar

What are LED Webinars?

Led webinars are free follow-up meetings made to help people to know more about the most innovative led lighting technology. An interesting instrument where you can learn new information about LED technology through specific topics.


In 40 minutes you will have an overview of this new technology and its potentialities: suggestions, starting points, considerations about this technology and its continuing development. These moments will help and guide you in the LED market. If you want you can also analyze case studies and projects with the consultation of our experts for free without any fee.

Free and open source

LED Webinars are designed for everyone. Made for all the people interested in approaching for the first time LED technology, developing specific topics and receiving innovative and update information. Following LED webinars needs short time and you can enjoy a free tool directly from your own computer.

Thematic contents

LED webinars give you the possibility to develop specific LED lighting contents. We will specifically analyze the great potentiality  coming from the best commercial LED technology. In this way we will help you to choose the most suitable products, to find good ideas and solutions you can use to create your lighting project.



LED Webinar calendar 2017 and contents

2017 LED Webinar calendar is coming soon

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